Writers in a group

I imagined the a writers’ group would consist of big egos, introverted geniuses, eccentric apparel, wild hairstyles, strong alcohol, rims of crumpled paper and heated arguments till early hours in the morning. Instead we meet at a reasonable 7 pm to finish before the salsa class starts next door. Mostly non-alcoholic drinks are being consumed as everyone is driving, most have to work the next day. It’s only my hair that’s mad looking and my ego getting bruised. The rest of them are lovely people with enormous talents, kindness and unending patience.

The first anthology of our work is available on Amazon, click here to get a copy. 

I read the stories and poems written by my friends, and I can’t help but hearing their voices. I am privileged to have listened to so much more than was possible to include in the book, and also those stories that you wouldn’t dare to put on paper. Thank you, Thursday Night Writers!

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