Make love, not war


If that’s not an attention grabber, I don’t know what it. I believe that we don’t have enough of it in our lives. You’d think I don’t need to do much convincing, yet there is still a lot of misconceptions and under appreciation around this most natural process on the planet.

Sex lies at the root of life, and we can never learn to reverence life until we know how to understand sex. ~Havelock Ellis


Without a doubt sex is super healthy. There are numerous benefits and studies have shown that sex:

  • increases the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, which is important for our cardiovascular health, lowers risk of heart attacks and strokes, prevents osteoporosis, and many other diseases I cannot event pronounce.
  • boosts the immune system, which makes total sense – it’s hard to get cold when you’re hot.
  • lowers risk of few types of cancer and few embarrassing ailments.
  • improves sleep.
  • is a natural pain killer, so a headache is a reason for rather than an excuse
  • All the hormonal fireworks help you look younger and live longer.
  • It’s a good workout, engaging different muscle groups, burning about 300 calories per hour (in case you wonder, that’s 5 calories per minute). In my opinion it’s the only form of physical activity that’s worth sweating for.

Sex is one of the basic human needs not only on physiological level. There are also many psychological advantages, like reducing stress and doing wonders to our self-esteem. It nurtures relationships, creates connection and provides intimacy.

We do not need American scientists to tell us what we already know.


Believe it or not, human race has been doing it since it evolved enough to be able to. The problem is, the more we started thinking about it, the more confused we got. We started to wonder: Is sex dirty? Woody Allen says: ‘Only if it’s done right’.

The big religions that consider sex to be bad, originated in the Middle East. We know, that they were constantly in a state of war over the scarce resources. Therefore they needed people to have faith in a powerful God. Would young boys want to kill the unbelievers if they had a happy and fulfilling night life? As a civilisation we came a long way – only few hundred years ago I would be burned as a witch, and only few thousand kilometres away I would be stoned to death. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of room for improvement – as there is plenty of violence and abuse, but that’s a topic for another day.

On the other hand, the religions that developed in Asia: Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, appeared in times of peace and prosperity. People had excellent conditions to stop and think, focus on personal development, experience things rather than follow a set of beliefs. We can all observe that what goes around comes around, so the basic principle is to not harm others. It applies to sex as well. Kama Sutra can teach you how to do it well, and Tantra takes it a step further – all that drive and energy we have built in, can be used as a tool on our way to Enlightenment.


No matter what your belief system is, one thing is sure: no one is an atheist 30 seconds before an orgasm. All jokes aside, we can sense that those times are special. We go beyond our modus operandi and are totally present in here and now.
It has repercussions in the outer world too. People behave the way they feel. It is so much easier to be a good person, to contribute to the society, to help others, when you are happy and satisfied yourself.


Sex is important for your health, both physical and mental. It’s great for your relationship and self-fulfilment, which in turn benefits to the entire community. We are now getting so focused on saving the environment, and it would be amazing to fill it with the most beautiful aspect of life on this planet – with happy people. Please, whenever you can, make love.

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