My name is Ania.

I'm a big softie, alien to Ireland, trapped in an office. I believe we can make the world a softer place and one day take it to the stars.

I write space fiction (not scientific enough to be called sci-fi). Please excuse my poor grammar, bad spelling, and awkward phrases, as my English will never be as good as my Polish.

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Space Fiction
Is there anybody out there?

Irish SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) HQ Today 9:07 Kate clocks-in a bit late. Her supervisor will notice. As if those few minutes make any difference. If there is an […] Continue reading


He was missing her more than his front teeth. ‘She couldn’t just disappear,’ he was swearing under his breath as he checked every room. There was the usual mess, and […] Continue reading

Snow story

‘I miss Earth,’ I break the silence. ‘We’re off to a better place,’ he says without looking up from his screen. ‘I know, I know, but what if you could […] Continue reading

Critical error

His body was failing. All he could find was a butter knife. It would have to do. He clenched his jaw and pushed the blunt metal into his forearm, then […] Continue reading

Writers in a group

I imagined the a writers’ group would consist of big egos, introverted geniuses, eccentric apparel, wild hairstyles, strong alcohol, rims of crumpled paper and heated arguments till early hours in […] Continue reading

5 Life Lessons from making popcorn

Do you ever get all philosophical when doing something simple? If so, you can forgive my rambling. Grab some popcorn and live your life however you want. 1. Listen to […] Continue reading

Tea Lovers

t’s quite a challenge to read between the lines in your second language, especially when it comes to mysterious and elusive Irish men. Did you know that when they say […] Continue reading

Dick Pic(k)

I love dick pics. I hope you can sense sarcasm in this sentence, but however disgusting they may be, there are number of advantages of receiving them. I have a […] Continue reading