I'm a big softie.

I believe we can make the world a softer place and one day take it to the stars.

I write space fiction (not scientific enough to be called sci-fi).

My name is Ania. I'm Polish, living in Ireland, with a day job that can be done only while daydreaming about distant planets.

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Space Fiction
Is there anybody out there?

Irish SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) HQ Today 9:07 Kate clocks-in a bit late. Her supervisor will notice. As if those few minutes make any difference. If there is an […] Continue reading


He was missing her more than his front teeth. ‘She couldn’t just disappear,’ he was swearing under his breath as he checked every room. There was the usual mess, and […] Continue reading

Snow story

‘I miss Earth,’ I break the silence. ‘We’re off to a better place,’ he says without looking up from his screen. ‘I know, I know, but what if you could […] Continue reading

Critical error

His body was failing. All he could find was a butter knife. It would have to do. He clenched his jaw and pushed the blunt metal into his forearm, then […] Continue reading

Complimenting Irish

Want to know what happens when you try to be nice to an Irish person? Read the full article in Irish Examiner. Click here

Grandpa’s Scrabbled Eggs with Butter and Petrarca

My grandpa Zygmunt had never dropped us. He was always there to catch us when we jumped of a rock into his arms. The rocks were first just a foot […] Continue reading

Why do I like interviews

Interviews can be nerve-wrecking, but only if you really, really want to get that job. I highly recommend going for few interviews for jobs you definitely don’t want to get. […] Continue reading

Trans-Siberian Train

The winter tour The story of my Trans-Siberian journey could be told in numbers over: 3 weeks, 300 Buddhists, 13,000 kilometres , -30 degrees outside, +30 degrees inside; From Irish […] Continue reading