My name is Ania.

I'm a big softie, alien to Ireland, trapped in an office. I believe we can make the world a softer place and one day take it to the stars.

I write space fiction (not scientific enough to be called sci-fi). Please excuse my poor grammar, bad spelling, and awkward phrases, as my English will never be as good as my Polish.

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Space Fiction
New planet, new me.

‘New planet, new me,’ she said to herself and unsealed a hatch. Gamma-2564 was going to be great; the best place to keep New Years resolutions: no oxygen atmosphere to […] Continue reading

A window to the world

I looked out the window. I could still see the ocean, but I knew that it would soon be gone. I will never see it again. Blue dot of Earth […] Continue reading

The naked truth

Nobody knew how she did it, yet Sister Angela’s embroidery was the best in the country, admired even in Vatican. Her works were bringing a handsome income to the convent, […] Continue reading

Why do I like interviews

Interviews can be nerve-wrecking, but only if you really, really want to get that job. I highly recommend going for few interviews for jobs you definitely don’t want to get. […] Continue reading

Cheap and Old

Irish can’t take a compliment. Maybe there’s something in the good, old, Catholic upbringing that makes people unable to notice and acknowledge anything good about themselves. Polish are very similar, […] Continue reading

Irish Time Management

What I love about Irish the most is their ability to take it easy, don’t sweat the small stuff, and have a craic, even under pressure. Sure-tomorrow-is-another-day was the main […] Continue reading