Flash Challenge

  • Flash Challenge,  Space Fiction

    Dark Knight

    “Where is it?“ Lightning illuminated his face. Harsh light revealed first wrinkles and greasy hair. Wind blew the window open and knocked his trophy from the sill. He picked it up, cleaned a bit of dust from it, and placed…

  • Flash Challenge,  Space Fiction


    She sped up. Water splashed under her heavy boots. Rain and sweat damaged her makeup and now her cheeks glittered in green and black. She pulled the strings off the hood to conceal her skin. They were gaining on her.…

  • Flash Challenge,  Space Fiction


    Electric guitar solo echoed through lower decks of the ship, losing more and more notes until it turned into high pitch screeching. ‘Shouldn’t he be listening to something smoother by now?’ ‘Never ask him that,’ the Chief Engineer said to…